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As long-term language students will know, ‘MiProfe’ English lessons and live tuition sessions have been available by videoconferencing for more than a decade. Since those early beginnings, the format has adopted the latest materials and new business activities, general interest and examination English alike. More recently, of course, the Coronavirus pandemic has brought about an increase in the popularity of videoconferencing for learning languages.

Naturally, a continuous review process is essential. Staying up to date ensures the best methodologies and results for each student, ideally maintaining competitively low fees for professional quality lessons.

For the above reasons, minor fine-tuning to the videoconference lesson format took effect from Monday 12th April 2021.

Old format:
Total lesson duration 50 minutes with optional task(s), i.e. ‘homework’.

Comprises: Live (synchronous) session of 50 minutes and constantly connected, even while thinking about quiz answers* etc.
*Experience shows that the student(s) would often benefit from quiet ‘thinking’ time.

Total learning time: 50 minutes.

Extra option: written work tuition and offline (asynchronous) marking service for students working towards B2, C1 and C2 examinations (Cambridge First Certificate and higher). Also available for business English students.


Synchronous and asynchronous learning


New format: total learning time: 55-60 minutes with highly recommended assigned task to form an integral part of planned lesson objectives.

(1) Synchronous videoconferencing session of 45 minutes, plus
(2) 10-15 minutes to complete an individual task (question(s), short text completion, voice recording etc.) with a simple click to send at the link provided.  This teacher-guided asynchronous (off-line) activity will be reviewed, marked within the next working day or so – well before the next lesson.

Students should also continue with private study (just as before!) to learn vocabulary or advance through student book/assigned material.

Total overall learning time: 55-60 minutes.

Students working towards B2 level+ (e.g. Cambridge First Certificate) can use this asynchronous task for Writing Part 1 or 2 practice with offline review/marking once every four lessons.

Written work tuition and offline marking service is also available for C1 and C2 examinations (Cambridge Advanced/Proficiency levels and similar).



Comparison of the advantages of asynchronous and synchronous learning
Comparison of the advantages of asynchronous and synchronous learning