When you have a particularly large specimen that requires more room to inspect it thoroughly, you need one of our boom stand microscopes. These machines provide more flexibility and a fuller range of motion for the user than a standard microscope. It can be particularly useful when dealing with circuit boards, manufacturing parts, rocks, and textiles. Created by brands like ACCU-SCOPE, LABOMED, Meiji Techno, OPTIKA, UNITRON, and more, these boom stand microscopes allow you to maneuver the specimen in any direction, thanks to their up, down, and sideways focusing movements at any angle.

The best-selling microscope in this collection is the Meiji SMT-5 Binocular Stereo Zoom Microscope, which features the brand’s most versatile boom stand for the most comfortable use possible. It’s a great product for professionals who deal with assembly, repair, inspection, and quality control. The SMT-5 from Meiji also includes an annular fiber optic ring light and 7x to 90x magnification.

Another popular option is the UNITRON 14711-BS ZoomHD Digital Macro Inspection System. The 2-megapixel camera delivers clear, crisp images at lightning-fast speeds so that you can view your samples accurately and take high-quality pictures of your findings. Magnification levels, available from 0.7x to 5.0x, are easily adjusted on the front of the microscope, and the integrated LED light provides brilliant, even illumination across the entire specimen.

The ACCU-SCOPE 3072-12-BS Binocular Stereo Microscope has an advanced, modular design that incorporates many professional features that make it ideal for the classroom, hobbyist, or light industrial applications. Built on a solid, cast alloy aluminum frame, this microscope is built to undergo years of heavy use. It even features an airtight, anti-mold design to prevent dust, water, or oil particles from getting inside. If those features weren’t amazing enough, the microscope also has a perfect optical alignment, guaranteeing an upright, unreversed, three-dimensional image with unsurpassed clarity.

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